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It's an anarchic world

The world order forces all states to compete over resources, territory, and influence. To achieve their political aims, states often resort to force, including war, terrorism, disinformation, drone strikes, espionage, proxy wars, and blockades.

Geopolitical risks are interconnected

Geopolitical risks are complex and interconnected. Even second and third effects can impact key business areas like reputation, legal compliance, employee safety, cybersecurity, and financial stability.

Corporations must be prepared

Scenario planning and analysis of alternative futures enhance corporate understanding of probable outcomes, boosting preparedness and resilience against geopolitical risks.

Understanding why geopolitics impacts corporations.

In an era marked by escalating geopolitical tensions and complexities, Insight Forward’s "Geopolitical Risk Intelligence Guide" is an essential tool for corporate leaders seeking to navigate the intricacies of global business risks. This guide not only clarifies the concept of geopolitical risk intelligence but also provides a robust framework for integrating it into strategic decision-making, thereby fortifying businesses against the vicissitudes of the dynamic global landscape.

Multinational corporations and CEOs are increasingly concerned about how geopolitical risks will negatively impact business operations. These fears are justified due to the myriad of overarching geopolitical problems that are threatening all aspects of business. Why is geopolitics important for corporations?

Our Top 10 Geopolitical Risks for 2024

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